How Will Creating Your Lucrative Virtual Mastermind Group Change Your Business Right Now?

(Right now, it's the Express Ticket to your Dream Business...)

The Past Few Years Have Changed How We All Do Business... How Are YOU Holding Up?

A Message from
Cap't Jim Palmer, The Dream Business Coach
Creator of Virtual Masterminds and Coaching Programs

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

All over the world, we're in uncertain economic times.

No denying that.

You don't even have to watch the "news" to figure that one out!

As of right now, some entrepreneurs are struggling - but some are thriving.

Some want to thrive, but need help adjusting to the current state of affairs and are eager to work with someone like you, if you let them know you're here to help.

Some see this massive change as a wake-up call, and are wisely using this opportunity to change their business model so they never get caught in the switches again.

Maybe that's your market, and while your competition has their head in the sand, you can start digging and go that extra three feet to reach the diamonds.

Maybe that's YOU - and you're dedicated to preserving, protecting, and growing your Dream Business now and in the future.

Wherever you find yourself in this moment,

Creating A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind NOW Is A Great Idea, No Matter What The Current (Or Future) Situation!

For starters, it will do several important things for you:

It creates an additional revenue stream for your existing business
This additional revenue stream is produced virtually - so there's no added expense of travel, no need to rent meeting space or provide meals, and - these days especially - you can deliver from the comfort and safety of your own home
It gets you out of the "dollars for hours trap" meaning you can powerfully deliver results for a large group of people by simply helping them replicate the results you've already achieved for your own business

Launching your lucrative virtual mastermind gets you two key benefits faster than you've likely achieved up until now - and lets you have more fun than you ever have doing it:

It grows your Celebrity Expert Brand by positioning you as the Number One "Go-To" Expert in your market, niche, or industry who creates success for others; and
You get more repeat and referral business - a typical Mastermind Member stays at least three years, plus they refer you to more ideal-fit clients who want the same results you create for your current clients!

How It Started For Me, And How It's Going Today

In 2009, after creating several successful businesses, I decided to launch my own virtual mastermind group.

I asked around what entrepreneurs liked and disliked about masterminds, and the biggest thing they said was: they did not like the travel and time away from the office.

(Looking back from here in 2022, I guess that means "the more things change, the more things remain the same"!)

Anyway, that’s when I decided to create what is now called the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching Program, which has helped scores of entrepreneurs create their own Dream Businesses and establish their Celebrity Brands.

Over the last 13 years, I have perfected this lucrative virtual mastermind model.

Back in 2009, my program cost $97 - now it starts at $497/mo and goes as high as $45,000/yr for the VIP level!

Not only that, I’ve also trained a lot of my own clients how to use this model successfully in their businesses.

What started out as simply an additional stream of revenue has today become my primary income source.

Indeed, my mastermind is the "insulation" that not only got me through COVID with little more than a slight paper cut financially, but enabled me to come out with net growth in my own business.

Even in the best of times, it's the primary reason that I can now work only three days a week from wherever I happen to be (on a boat, while visiting my grandchildren, or traveling) - all I need is solid WiFi and a laptop!

Introducing The Solution You Need Right Now: "How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind"

This is a very comprehensive program where you will quickly and easily gain your answers to the following questions entrepreneurs, like you, ask about creating virtual masterminds:

"What price points should I charge?"
"How many different levels or options should I offer?"
"What format should I use for the mastermind calls - an audio bridgeline or through video conferencing?"
"How do I run the meetings efficiently and keep order with so many members on the call?"
"How do I fill the mastermind - and keep new members joining - so this continues to be a lucrative revenue stream for my business?"
"How do I powerfully handle the potential trouble spots of running a virtual mastermind if they arise?"

How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind is for you if you are someone who has so much to offer, is ready to help others, and is ready to create the conditions and environment that transform your clients into superstars!

I Am Dedicated To Help You Implement The Training And Be Successful - Quickly!

How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind is a comprehensive program that not only teaches you how to build your mastermind step by step, but it positions your mastermind as your branding and market-dominance tool while structuring your entire business and marketing system to continuously replenish and grow your mastermind.

Let's start with these powerful trainings that await you in your Members' Area right now:

Module 1 (Available Now) - Creating Your Avatar, Naming/Branding Your Program, and Creating Your Pricing Structure

First, we walk through some actual pricing models I created for my clients and mastermind members that they currently use to add 6-figures to their annual revenues
We introduce the seven simple questions that provide you all the data you need to brand, design, and confidently launch your lucrative virtual mastermind
You'll gain everything you need to decide your target audience, how to reach them, and how to show them you are the person who can help them achieve success now
Module #1 includes three fill-in-the-blanks worksheets: Creating Your Ideal Member Avatar, Naming Your Virtual Mastermind Program, and Creating Your Pricing Options.

Module 2 (Available Now) - Designing Your Virtual Mastermind Program’s Features and Benefits

Do you feel ready to lead a virtual mastermind group? With what we reveal, you'll find yourself powerfully and confidently excited to get started right away
Do you need a team or support staff? You're about to discover how managing a lucrative virtual mastermind is not only low-overhead, but one of the easiest things to build a support team for
Should your virtual mastermind have more than one level and price point? In just a few minutes, we'll take you by the hand and walk you through a simple decision tree
Module #2 includes a fill-in-the-blanks template, Designing Your Program Levels, Features, and Benefits; and an easy-to-customize swipe file, Sample Chart of Mastermind Benefits.

Module 3 (Available Now) - How to Market And Fill Your Mastermind / How to Run Your Mastermind Meetings

You will gain the Top Ten strategies my clients and I have used to grow our virtual masterminds - steady streams of individual new members, as well as events that add 15, 20, and even more new members all at once
I'll take you "behind the scenes" and show you what it looks like from the Captain's Chair so you see, in real time, how it feels to run a lucrative virtual mastermind - this means putting you in the cockpit and letting you handle the controls
By the time you complete this module, you'll have everything you need to "jump the gun" and start forming your lucrative virtual mastermind as soon as tomorrow!

Module 4 (Available Now) - The Cashflow Conversation Code

This "already-assembled, ready to use" marketing machine gives you five (5) word-for-word outreach and conversation scripts you can have at your fingertips as you create conversations with your ideal prospects and transform them into new virtual mastermind members
The "batteries ARE included" with two (2) easy-to-follow training videos - The Cashflow Conversation Code and The Messenger Magic Method - that walk you through the process of reaching out to prospects, getting them on the phone, and knowing exactly how to guide the conversation to your prospect’s decision to join your lucrative virtual mastermind
Plus, you gain an easy-to-use spreadsheet that helps you select 25 prospects for your lucrative virtual mastermind, gather their contact information, and even plan in advance which of the five scripts you’ll use for each prospect

Module 5 (Available Now) - Create Your Irresistible Offer (Ideal If You're Just Starting Out Or Are Entering A New Market)

We take you by the hand and create your answers to eight simple questions that make your offer (including your lucrative virtual mastermind) absolutely irresistible to your prospects and ideal target audience
You'll discover how to use a simple market survey to not only identify the factors that compel your market to invest in you, but get your upcoming customers to virtually write your sales letter and marketing messages for you
Module #5 includes a fill-in-the-blanks template, Creating Your Irresistible Offer; and an easy-to-customize swipe file, The Dream Business Pre-Launch Survey.

Module 6 (Available Now) - The Dream Business Blueprint: Developing Multiple Streams Of Income and Creating Your Own Personal Economy

The first video, Market Dominance, shows you how to "own your own media" and discover untapped markets your competition is ignoring - the very places you'll find more members for your lucrative virtual mastermind (includes 15 fill-in-the-blanks templates, guides, and swipe files)
The second video, Retention Profits, gives you priceless tactics for keeping your customers, including your mastermind members, longer, generating more profitable repeat and referral business (includes 5 fill-in-the-blanks templates and automated business growth tools)
You also gain my never-released, never-available-to-the-general-public training program, How To Create Your Dream Business And Live Your Dream Lifestyle, where you learn from me and other business leaders everything you need to know to draw the blueprint and build your Dream Business Mansion!

Module 7 (Available Now) - Advanced Strategies That Transform Your Lucrative Virtual Mastermind Into Acres Of Diamonds

In Part 1, How to Mine for Diamonds on Podcasts, I share some of my best strategies for delivering a powerful and profitable interview, without being smarmy or “salesy” – yet have listeners flock to your website as well as connect with you on social media! (This powerful and persuasive communication style works amazingly well for both hosts and guests.)
I have mastered the process of taking brand-new mastermind members, and within a few months, have them moving up into higher-priced coaching and mastermind programs. In Part 2, called Upgrading Your Lucrative Virtual Mastermind Members, you learn my strategy - and I even share my word-for-word scripting that you can use with your members!
In Part 3, Take 30 Minutes and Add $30K in 3 Days, I reveal a powerful sales strategy that I taught a mastermind coaching member who filled the last three spots in his high-ticket mastermind by following a simple, yet expertly-crafted, script - this is something I typically only show my "VIP Level" mastermind members (not even my Platinum Coaching Members get this unless they pay extra!)

But That's Not All. Not Even Close.

I want to help you implement this training and be very successful, very quickly!

Far too many people invest in programs and then never implement what they learn.

Right now, failing to implement could be the difference between business success and business failure.

That’s why I’m rewarding you for taking immediate action - here’s how that works.

Once you go through the training program, all you need to do is complete three easy, what I’m going to call, "Success Starters" or "Leverage Points", in less than two weeks.

The Three Success Starters are:

Name your mastermind program and describe the avatar of your ideal virtual mastermind member, so you design and target your marketing accordingly
Create your pricing options in line with your market and utilizing unique pricing and positioning tactics that keep your mastermind full
Write your first email describing this opportunity and show me the e-mail (I may offer a couple quick tips to help improve your copy once I see it)

As soon as you complete these and show me you've done them,

To Reward You For Taking These Actions, I Will Help You Promote Your Virtual Mastermind!

To further incentivize your fast implementation of this training, when you accomplish these tasks within 30 days after today's investment, you will receive these incredible (and pretty much unheard-of) bonuses.


Get My Personal Marketing Support - $1,997 Value!

Candidly, with what I am about to show you included, I should charge $3997 (probably closer to $4997) for How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind.

However, I love to reward action-takers - so when you commit to your success, I will reward you with the following, which is basically a "JV package":

I'll promote your mastermind (you read that right) through my social media platforms and a feature section in my two popular ezines, to my subscribers and my LinkedIn connections
You'll be interviewed on my internationally-acclaimed podcast about your business and virtual mastermind and how you serve your market - my podcast is also promoted on my social media and through my ezines
I'll appear on your podcast in return and then promote the episode through my social media and my ezines
You can interview me as an expert for an exclusive call with your Virtual Mastermind members (and I'll mention on social media that you invited me)

Then, for the first 9 entrepreneurs who invest in How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind, I will include


Two (2) Private Coaching Calls - $3,000 Value!

That's right.

The first nine (9) people who register for this new 2022 version of  How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind will receive two private 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls with me, Cap’t Jim!

My ala carte rate for private coaching is $1,500 per hour, and the people in the mastermind I belong to have been "namecalling" me to raise that up.

The best part is that you are in control - how fast do you want to get your mastermind launched? 

You can use yours weekly, or even over the course of a few days (schedules permitting).

We can work on your lucrative virtual mastermind, or any other area of your business.

This will be worth far more than $3,000 once you implement what I share with you!

This is a total of 7 hours of my time, so this bonus WILL be yanked once the first 9 are in!

Don’t Take it From Me - Hear From My Clients Who Have Profited From These Strategies

Everything I'm sharing through How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind is tried, tested, and true.

Scores of my coaching clients and mastermind members have achieved much more than 3X ROI using these tools and strategies.

Here are just a couple of them, in their own words:

"Diamond" Bill Warren and Lindsey Anderson

Here are just a few more of my current mastermind members I'm helped create and launch their lucrative virtual masterminds - please ask them about the results they are enjoying:

Wayne Belisle
The Profit Maximizer Mastermind

Jeff Herring
Content Creation Nation

Adam Hommey
The In-Demand Expert Mastermind

To Summarize, Here's Everything You Gain By Claiming Your Access Now:

Instant access to the How to Create a Lucrative Virtual Mastermind program - get started now and start your mastermind in just days

My "Success Starter" Personal Marketing Support Program where I personally roll up my sleeves and give you four (4) areas of support growing your mastermind

(For the first 9 people only) 2 private, personal, 30-minute, 1-on-1 calls with me where we work together and accelerate your Dream Business Success!

"Jim, I'm Ready! Just Show Me How To Claim My Instant Access Right Now!"

Candidly, these are the same strategies I normally share ONLY with members of my $45,000 VIP-level Mastermind Program.

I will teach you everything I know on these subjects.

I will give you the tools, worksheets, and word-for-word scripts.

Success comes when you implement this in your business.

For what I have created, I believe How To Create A Lucrative Virtual Mastermind is the exact program that will move you forward quickly.

I'm giving all of it to you - the complete training on creating a lucrative virtual mastermind, AND the bonuses - at the complete no-brainer price of just $497.

Plus, as if $497 isn’t already a "no-brainer" price, I'm even offering a handy 3-pay option that you'll see at the bottom of the page.

Honestly, I have removed every possible obstacle to you JUST SAYING YES and pushing the "ADD TO CART" button.

With that said,

One Final Thought Before We Get Started Today

Right now, especially in the middle of a recession and inflation that seems like it's never going to end, you may find yourself at a crossroads in your business.

As I see it, you have three options.

One, you can ponder this and think it over, then agonize the next time you're having a "3AM Holy Crap Moment" going over your accounts receivable in your head - or find yourself begging clients to expedite invoice payments.

(In today's situation, how alarming is THAT?!)

Two, you can pass this by, and keep wondering when you'll finally break free of the hours-for-dollars cycle.

Or three, you can take action for yourself now, knowing what you'll gain is something that will keep moving you forward as you achieve freedom from the money worry that, right this moment, may be weighing heavily on you like it is for millions of people who need your help, and need it right now.


I agree: the sooner you get this working in your favor, the more you'll be able to serve the world generously from an overflowing cup, mitigate or eliminate your worries, and enjoy the freedom to achieve the things you desire.

Are You Ready To Enjoy Your Financial Security And Change Lives By Launching Your Lucrative Virtual Mastermind?

If you have questions or need assistance signing up, we're happy to help!

Call us toll-free at (800) 214-6158 or e-mail coach(at)

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